it’s not fair: Why Do You Have To Give Up Pizza, Pasta, Cookies, Pie, Cakes, Brownies, Beer, And Sandwiches?

Why Are YOU Hit With The “Gluten Curse”? ...Meanwhile Everyone Else Is Enjoying Their Lives Without A Care In The World.

Here’s How I’ve Been Able To Gorge On These Delicious Gluten Filled Foods Every Saturday Without Feeling Like I Swallowed A Pair Of Motor-Powered Scissors Tearing Up My Intestines.

I’m Finally Enjoying Life Again. Even If It’s Only Once A Week.

My Blood Boils Knowing Doctors Didn’t Tell Me About This Earlier.

They Wrote Me Off Like I Was A Clown When I Told Them About The Cruel, Unbearable Pain You And I Suffer From...

It doesn’t matter whether you to try to avoid gluten, OR like me, you refuse to give it up...

It doesn’t matter whether you think gluten-free is real or a total fad...

Because the TRUTH is that gluten is EVERYWHERE, even in seemingly “harmless” sources like curry powder, salad dressings and soy sauce.

Even if you think Gluten doesn’t affect you, you NEED to read this letter.

And before you read another headline in the news about how going Gluten Free could help you lose 40lbs take a few minutes to understand the truth.

Why Do The Foods We Love Cause The Most Discomfort

Don’t get me wrong; I am not here to tell you that you can eat ANYTHING you want every day of your life and get away with it. Balance is key, right?

But wouldn’t it be nice to rekindle with some of your favourite foods you’ve completely cut out from your life?

Before you do, let’s talk about why foods like pizza, pasta, breads, alcohol, sweet treats make you sluggish, gain weight and are ultimately avoided by most people trying to make healthier choices.

If Your Digestion Is “Off and Your Metabolism Is Slow, This Could Be Why...

When you read the list of foods most people have to give up you’ll usually come across the following reasons:

  • Bloating
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Headaches
  • Skin Issues Like Rosacea And Acne
  • Digestive Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Brain Fog
  • Lowered Immunity

Can you relate to any of those?

Most people experience at least 3 or more on a regular basis.

But why do these foods cause these symptoms?

The main reason is caused by the one sneaky ingredient common to all these foods. GLUTEN!

And most people are getting gluten contamination in on a daily basis. Some have more tolerance and experience less symptoms. Others are more sensitive—and their health degrades faster;

Even if there isn’t obvious bloating or weight gain from gluten, there’s a toll on your body. In fact, Harvard M.D. and legendary gluten researcher, Dr. Alessio Fasano says...

We Are Able To Completely Digest Every Protein We Put In Our Mouths With The Exception Of One—And That’s Gluten.
Dr. Alessio Fasano

The bottom line: if you’re consuming gluten WITHOUT the antidote (which you almost certainly are, no matter how hard you try to avoid it)... then you’re setting yourself up for potential bloating, weight gain, a weak immune system, leaky gut and a whole host of other problems.

The good news is that there IS an antidote—a special nutrient with the ability to breakdown the gluten’s protein walls and render it non-toxic in your system.

That nutrient is what researchers call DPP-IV dipeptidyl peptidase IV), an enzyme complex which specifically breaks down gluten.

DPP-IV - Your “FREE PASS to eat the foods you love - specifically Gluten filled foods.

DPP-IV Is Gluten’s Worst Nightmare — Here’s Why…

Proteins like gluten are large, complex molecules with thousands of amino acid sequences folded and coiled within the molecule, much like a baseball. A baseball is a ball of yarn wrapped in leather. It’s impossible to unwind the yard without getting rid of the leather casing.

Gluten is the exact same thing. It’s impossible for your body to break down the aminos without getting of the protein casing around it.

Without enough specific enzymes to break down that protein wall, amino acid bonds inside these large proteins remain inaccessible to enzymes, leading to a protein that is only partially degraded.

These smaller partially digested peptide strands are still long enough to cause serious health problems: gas, bloating, occasional loose stools, constipation, fatigue, even severe gastro-intestinal inflammation.

DPP-IV is the ONE class of enzyme that breaks down the protein casing and “unwinds” the ball of yarn, so that your body is able to handle it and you experience no more detrimental issues with gluten.

In a way, I was FORCED to find the most potent form of DPP-IV because there was no way in hell that I would be giving up my mother’s bread... or enjoying my favorite pizza once in awhile or give up eating at restaurants.

In fact, we at BiOptimizers took it one step further and created THE most potent gluten fighting enzyme product in the world. We call it…

Gluten Guardian

It’s the #1 Way to Defend Your Gut and Body Against Gluten

Yes, with Guardian Guardian--you can eat your gluten and get away with it.

Because it not only includes the most potent source of DPP-IV on the planet...

It’s also synergized with 4 proteases to break down various types of proteins inside of wheat, astrazyme (to boost absorption of beneficial nutrients), 3 types of amylase to break down carbohydrates, and much more.

You see, enzymes are the building blocks of life and nothing in our bodies (or life) functions without them. Enzyme reactions provide a steady power supply to keep all systems active, functioning at their best.

digestive enzyme therapy with gluten guardian:

  • Helps provide support for digestive issues relating to eating foods that contain gluten or casein*
  • Includes the specific gluten enzyme Peptidase DPP-IV
  • Supports the digestion and absorption of food
  • Offers relief from occasional gas, bloating, indigestion*

The Most Powerful Gluten Fighter on the Planet Fixes a LOT More in Your Body

As you now know, Gluten Guardian is a blend of eight (8) plant-based proteolytic Enzymes that includes Peptidase DPP-IV as well as four Enzymes that break down starches and sugars.

All you need to do is take 3 capsules with a glass of water at the beginning of each meal.

Because it ALSO contains a clinically proven enzyme called AstraZyme, you get:


Complete protein digestion


Increase in absorption of peptides


Faster absorption of peptides


Increase in absorption of amino acids

And that means better digestion, less bloating and greater health in just about every way.

Want to Feel Great Eating Treat Foods You’ve Been Avoiding And Still Feel Great?

Here’s Your Chance To Pick Up Your FREE PASS for Eating The Foods You Love Again

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Recommended for those who want to follow Wade's tested protocol for long-term digestive health improvement.

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Recommended for those who have digestive problems such as bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel, and more.

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Recommended for those who already have great digestion, and just want maintenance.

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Gluten Guardian

We strongly feel you shouldn’t pay for supplements that don’t work…we’ve lived by that principle ourselves, and have

If you don’t feel a difference using Gluten Guardian the next time you eat out or gobble down something with gluten...

If after opening your first bottle you're not completely satisfied, just send back the remaining unopened bottles and I'll give you 100% of your money back. (If you open a second bottle, you no longer qualify for any guarantee).

Absolutely no questions asked, no loop holes, and no hassles.

Essentially, you don’t have to decide now.

Get Gluten Guardian now, try it for 365 days… You can make your risk-free decision after experiencing the power of Gluten Guardian.

If You’re Still Not Sure You Could Benefit From Gluten Guardian, You’re Not Alone! Let’s Cover Some Common Concerns:

"I’m already Gluten-Free and follow a strict diet...
why would I need this?"

You Can Go Gluten-Free... But That’s Hard, And You’ll STILL Get Gluten Exposure…

... so really the only question is: what are YOU going to do about the gluten that’s already making its way into your body.

Because whether you’ve been aware of it or not... the damage is being done.

Fortunately, you DON’T have live in fear...

And you DON’T have to let your gut and overall health be ravaged by gluten any longer.

With Gluten Guardian, you have the most potent form of DPP-IV along with other powerful enzymes that transform your ability to handle gluten, and thrive.

Get your bottles of Gluten Guardian TODAY using any of the buttons on this page.

Do that, and I guarantee you’ll never eat gluten again without it.

"I don’t really care about being Gluten-Free --
I don’t really think it affects me…"

Are you sure? Most people don’t even know that it affects them.

But if you’re still not convinced, think about this:

How do you feel after eating PIZZA, COOKIES, BREADS, ETC….

You feel great at first and you experience the feeling of being satisfied after eating your favourite foods.

Then, BAM, it hits you!

You’re tired, sluggish, and feel disappointed in yourself for giving into temptation, right? And those symptoms carry on for days sometimes.

So even if you’re not interested in adopting a Gluten-Free lifestyle, knowing about what foods contain it can be useful in limiting the side effects of Gluten-filled foods. Protecting yourself from those side effects will make sure you still feel great when you decide to eat the foods you might be avoiding.

"I’m already taking Digestive Enzymes so
why would I need Gluten Guardian"

Enzymes are great. Enzymes and Probiotics are even better! BUT, they don’t have the same “Gluten Annihilating” super powers that Gluten Guardian does.

While you don’t have to take Gluten Guardian at every meal, when you do decide to have a foods that are known to have Gluten in it, you’ll really experience the benefits of taking a specific supplement to help counteract the side effects of Gluten.

6 bottles of Gluten Guardian at $277 - One Time Supply
seals and credit cards

Recommended for those who want to follow Wade's tested protocol for long-term digestive health improvement.

3 bottles of Gluten Guardian at $159 - One Time Supply
seals and credit cards

Recommended for those who have digestive problems such as bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, irritable bowel, and more.

1 bottle of Gluten Guardian at $59 - One Time Supply
seals and credit cards

Recommended for those who already have great digestion, and just want maintenance.

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No matter what happens in your life, we have your back. We know that sometimes ‘life’ throws you curveballs and that even an investment in your health can seem like a burden. Throw those worries aside.

Cancel at anytime you feel it’s not right for you to continue for whatever...

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The cultivation and manufacturing process can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

This is because we hold the highest quality standards for our quality and purity testing.

The delay is totally worth it because we provide the best in class probiotic with our products.

The good news is you are guaranteed to get the most out of your products.

The bad news is that there is a chance that we run out of stock and it has happened in the past. We will of course add you to our waiting list and let you know when we get topped off again but fair warning…

Here’s Why Industry Experts And Happy Customers From All Around The World Use Gluten Guardian And Recommend Us To Family And Friends

Ben Greenfield

Author, M.A. Science and Biomechanics, and ISSN Sports Nutrition Certification

This product is freaking fantastic and our customers love it!

I use them and I recommend them because I’m a big believer in better living through science.

Katrine Volynsky

Dr. Naturopathic Medicine & Founder of the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences

I have been using BiOptimizers products for over a decade now. They have been part of my own personal recovery journey from my Chernobyl radiation poisoning.

I’ve been using it in my practice with my clients. And I can honestly say these products are magic and can really help you with your digestive issues and other health problems you might be experiencing. With better digestion of nutrients, and assimilation, and helping clear out some of the byproducts of metabolic processes and infections, they can really help you step up your health game to the next level. I highly recommend that you try them.

Ty Bollinger

Founder, The Truth About Cancer

I would never endorse a product I didn't use myself. That seems dishonest to me. With that being said, I take BiOptimizers products every day and wholeheartedly recommend their products. I've not seen a more potent combo of products. This is definitely one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of overall health and wellness.

Stefan James

Serial Entrepreneur, Bodybuilder, Founder Of Project Life Mastery

I'm all about optimizing my health -- it's important to me because of my goals in the gym and with business. Taking BiOptimizers products just makes sense -- they've got the highest quality protein digesting activity of anything out there, and proteins are used for everything -- from DNA activity to packing on muscle and boosting my metabolism.

Karine Losier

Devoted Mother, Entrepreneur

I love using BiOptimizers products everyday. It helps keep bloating away. It helps keep my tummy flat. And it’s helped me with my digestive problems. My husband and I love it.

Dave Ruel

Devoted Father, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

I take BiOptimizers products with nearly every meal and snack. My digestion has never been better and I've never had this much energy throughout the day